Thaw e-book available from ECA Library

The book is still an object that people like to have in their hands,… people are paying him a lot of money to use old bindings and put them on their e-readers and make it like something that’s an object, like a book, make it feel like an old Victorian bound edition, there’s a lot of money in that.

                                                       (Excerpt from Pod Specialised Bindings, Thaw)

Thaw is now available, as an e-book, from the library at the ECA (Edinburgh College of Art)

Thaw is an electronic literature project. Most e-lit is either published online or as a download for access through an e-reader (a Kindle or such-like). The comment above got me thinking about presenting Thaw as a physical object, as a remediated book form. As such, this work should establish some sort of connection with the traditional book form. So Thaw is an e-book with a difference: a cloth covered paper-bound text. The electronic text is held in a USB, the casing of which is made from recycled paper – they have to do something with all those old pot-boilers! The cover design is by Jules Smith (no relation).

This e-book is one of a limited edition of 50 copies, issued to coincide with the sound installations. All of the Thaw sound pieces are on this USB. 30 copies, all individually numbered, will soon be for sale to the public.

Further information will be posted here. Meanwhile, if you are interested in buying a copy of Thaw, you can contact me at:


Note: The Thaw contents page will operate on Windows 7 and onwards. With Macs and earlier versions of Windows, the sound-pieces can be accessed through the sound file.


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