On Editing A Sound Piece


WHEN YOU FIRST START EDITING    When you first start editing you think it is going to be straightforward, you don’t think that you are going to be faced with something that resembles early writingwh enyoufirststarteditingyouthinkitisgoingtobe straight for war dwri ting whenyoufir or waritin when yfir ststststarted it in outthink itisgontbe where people run words into each other and sentences are paused where there shouldn’t be a pause and words are plus or minus a letter or two. And this is something that you already know and so does everyone else because we listen to it all the time and it’s not as if people haven’t written it down on the page for us on many an occasion. Youth in kit is going to best ra ight for wardwitht allhewor dings fall wher ethey are posed supto bebecause you want it to be straightforward with all the words falling where they are supposed to be because it would make your life easier if they did just that …     AND THAT’S BEFORE WE GET STARTED ON THE UNWORDED VERBALISATION. 


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